Wednesday, November 24th 2010: Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish I could celebrate Thanksgiving. 😦

Some would argue that I can, but in my opinion, Thanksgiving isn’t the same without family, and my Aunt cooking the meal. 😦

On another note.. lolz

My Ebay & Paypal accounts were being misused by a friend of mine who was selling stolen products to unsuspecting customers. And now that he’s been caught, I’M stuck with the ebay fees and unhappy customers.. WTF?!!??  😦

I need a new laptop. The keyboard is falling apart, and the harddrive overheats constantly. I’ve resorted to removing the harddrive cover and aiming a fan at the laptop. When I turn the fan off, in a matter of minutes the laptop turns off.. wtf?!?!

Going home for the holz. 🙂 Yayyyzz Dec 8th to LAX, Dec 12th to FTL. 🙂 One month of family and then back to the grind.

Gotta go, been called in to work at a childcare centre up the road… 3-4 yrs olds.. yayyy 🙂



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