Friday, December 9th, 2011 – I’m in South Korea!!

I’m on a 2 hr layover at the Incheon International Airport in SK. 🙂

Free internet via the NAVER lounge.

I believe that airports are ike a second home to me. I can navigate around them like a pro..

well.. I did get a tiny bit confused when I stopped seeing the gate numbers. lolz But after 3 mins I found where I needed to go, back the other direction. 🙂

Toilets are fun here too, they have a seat cover that changes itself after you press a button. 🙂

Boarding soon heading to LA… and then from there…an overnight stay at a hotel, and then the next evening, onto Fort Lauderdale. lolz.

I forgot to mention… I started my travels on Thursday evening in Canberra, Australia. Took a 3 hour bus to Sydney, spent the night, and then caught a 9am flight to where I am now. lolz… niiiiice.. tired much? lolz


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