Saturday, December 10th, 2011 – Everyday I’m travellin’

Annoyed to bits: The man across from me in the gate lounge area is annoying the hell outta me… He keeps talking as if he knows everything about travel and especially Bogota, Colombia. On another note, a teenager at Denny’s this afternoon annoyed me too. She talked and talked and talked so much… I had to sit and stare for a while, I mean to be honest, if she was polite enough to be loud enough for me to hear, it would only be rude of me not to look at her when she spoke. lolz OMG, now he’s talking about San Francisco… SHUTUP!!!!  lolz, now he’s talkin about Australian backpackers.

TSA Xray: My body was scanned tonight.. I was anxious, which made me look even more susceptible. lolz

T-mobile Hotspot WIFI: Had to pay $8 for 24 hrs access at LAX airport.. BS.

Gahhh, now he’s talkin bout Cartagena, Colombia versus London flight prices.. STFU!!!!!


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